About This Site

Oddgist is an online news blog that aims to entertain, inform and educate readers about the various oddities that are being noticed in the world today and how they affect our lives.

The world as we know it is changing with people getting more crazy with ambition, greed and inordinate desires that they are pushed to do certain things that are indeed out of character.

Our news is meant to appeal to a set of people who want to take a break from the ordinary mundane happenings of everyday life, and want to know human beings in their basest of forms.

We not only dwell in the odd, weird and twisted, but we also explore strange happenings of mother nature, as well as stories that can being a warm glow to your heart.

Our stories are true, factual and real life events that happen to people as they go about their daily lives, though they are usually out of the ordinary.

We are happy to welcome you on board as we take you through our journey of the most, bizarre, odd, wicked, unique, crazy and funny things human beings do…not forgetting nature.

Got an odd gist?
If you have a story that fits within our niche of the odd, weird and wonderful, we would like to hear it. Kindly contact us to submit your gist via oddgistmail@gmail.com.

Again, if you have updates to provide on a story we have previously published, you can aslo contact us with it. We would definitely respect your privacy if you happen to insist on that.

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