3 Gender Reveals That Turned Out To Be Disastrous

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Gender reveals are cute, and we all love them. There is nothing like seeing the joy on a couples face as they learn what kid they’ll be having.

But sometimes things don’t just go as planned, and a little cute ceremony can turn potentially dangerous, just like these three below.

  • Smoking Blue

As far as gender reveals go, this one has got to be the most dramatic, and the most dangerous. This couple had called friends and family to their gender reveal party that then turned out to be disastrous.

I believe the car was supposed to spurt blue flames and then stop, but it kept going on and on and burst into flames. Thank goodness the driver was safe.

  • Missed target

This gender reveal started off well with great concept. The wife was supposed to toss the ball, then the husband hits and breaks it to reveal their baby’s gender.

But they didn’t consider the fact the would-be mother was a crappy thrower, and the ball managed to miss its target and lands smack on a guest’s head. Well, the guest survived the accident, and the couple was all to happy to find that they were going to have a boy.

  • Guess what just happened here

Gender reveals always have blue or pink dust or confetti, but what happens when the balloon is burst and white confetti comes out instead. That’s what happened here and the couple is confused. People are sensing betrayal. What do you think?

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