Bouncy House Flies Off During Children’s Birthday Party

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A Florida dad had the shock of his life after a bouncy house that was rented for his child’s birthday party was carried away by the wind.

Mike Simonian said his son and party guests were inside having cake when a strong gust of wind took hold of the rented bounce house and carried it 50 feet from his Deltona yard.

“I was shocked I went back to the garage and they said, ‘What happened?’ My face was a little pasty and I said, it’s gone. The bounce house was gone,” Simonian told WKMG-TV.

He said the bounce house had been secured with metal stakes, but the force of the wind pulled them out of the ground.

“It went all the way across our neighbor’s yard hit his fence and knocked out a couple of his fence panels on the other side,” he said.

Simonian said he was really glad that all the children were inside the house having a cake before the accident happened.

For that reason, there were no casualties in the incident.

“My first concern was I wanted a head count.” he said.

“So I went back to the garage and said, hey do we have all the kids in here, make sure everyone is eating cake, make sure no one is flipping over the fence.”

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