F-16 Jet Crashes And Escaped Pilot Gets Caught On High Voltage Electric Lines

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A military jet crashed this morning in western France and the pilot of the jet who escaped got entangled in high voltage electric wires.

The F-16 was manned by two pilots before the craft developed some faults and proceeded to crash.

Both the pilot and co-pilot ejected before the crash and were not seriously harmed.

The pilot was caught in high voltage lines 100 feet off the ground

But one of the airmen got caught in a high voltage electric line, and he was left dangling nearly 100ft above the ground.

Fire crews managed to successfully disentangle him from the wires just before 1pm.

The incident took place near the town of Pluvigner, Britanny, at around 10:30am local time, Le Telegramme reports.

The jet exploded on impact

Pictures from the scene show how the crash created a large fireball that sent plumes of thick black smoke into the air.

The town has been evacuated but no injuries have been reported amongst residents of the local area.

The crash set the neighborhood on fire

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