Tragic Kiss: Couple Kissing On Bridge Plunge 50 Feet To Their Death

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A horrifying footage that surfaced online has showed the last moments of a romancing couple before they toppled over and fell to their deaths.

The pair, Maybeth Espinoz, and Hector Vidal were on their way home from a nightclub in Cusco last Saturday when they tragically plunged 50ft off the Bethlehem Bridge just after 1 am.

The sickening fall and the last moments of the couple were caught on CCTV.

The couple were mountaineers

In the disturbing footage, Maybeth and Hector were leaning against a railing on the bridge, while hugging and kissing each other.  Maybeth, 34, was sitting on top of the metal railing with her legs wrapped around Hector, 36.

During the public display of affection, Maybeth lost her balance and began to fall backward, taking Hector along with her.   

According to reports, Maybeth died immidiatly on impact, but Hector had survived the fall but with a broken skull. He died later in the hospital.

 The couple were mountaineers who had moved to the Cusco region to work as tour guides. 

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