Baby Who Was Cut Out His Mother’s Womb Opens Eyes For The First Time

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The baby that was cut out of his mother’s womb by a woman who desperately needed a child, (read story) has opened his eyes for the very first time.

It was earlier stated by doctors that the baby was severely brain damaged because of the trauma, and they were planning to switch off his life support in a few days time.

But an update on the story says that the baby has opened his eyes for the very first time.

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Doctors were thinking of switching off his life support before he opened is eyes

Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, 19, was killed after she shared a Facebook post revealing she needed baby things and a woman – her suspected killer – responded, offering to help her out.

She was declared missing after she went to collect the items for her unborn baby but never returned. Later, Clarisa Figueroa, 46, who offered to give her free baby clothes, claimed that she had just given birth on the same day that Marlen went missing.

Paramedics went to the home where the woman claimed she had given birth and they found the baby boy. However, DNA tests showed that the baby belonged to Marlen, not to Clarisa. Marlen’s body was also recovered in a dustbin in the backyard.

Baby cut from his murdered mother
The woman, her mother and boyfriend have been arrested

So far, three people have been charged in relation to the crime. Mother and daughter, Clarisa Figueroa, 46, and Desiree Figueroa, 24, have been charged. Piotr Bobak, 40, the mother’s boyfriend has also been charged with the concealment of a murder. 

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