Mum Tortures Her Children And Pull Out Their Toenails So Her New Boyfriend Can Love Her More

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A wicked mother has inflicted various degrees of torture on her kids just so she can impress her new boyfriend.

Jennifer Marisol, 26, Marisol committed the dastardly deed on the request of her boyfriend, Jose Omar Trujillo, as a “gesture of love” to him.

The Mexican woman was reported to Women’s Justice Centre in Ecatepec in Mexico City by the father of her children.

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The mum with one of her three children

The children’s father, Mauricio Alberto, was concerned about his children and reported it on social media that the mother’s boyfriend was involved in the torture.

“I would like you to help locate my children Guillermo, 9, Samanta, 7, and Melissa, 1, who have been sexually and physically abused by their mother and her boyfriend,” he said.

According to the children’s father, he saw some videos of Marisol torturing the kids by pinching and shaking the youngest child and filming another while their nails were being pulled out.

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Jennifer carried out the abuse to impress her new boyfriend Jose Omar Trujillo

She has currently been arrested and is being investigated for domestic violence. At this point, it is not clear if her boyfriend has been arrested too.

According to information that was gathered from local media, the children are currently living with their father and have undergone physical and psychological evaluation, according to local media.

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