Owner Wakes Up To Find Her Dog Has Been Shot With An Arrow

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Owners of a five-month-old puppy in South Carolina were shocked to the marrow to have opened the door in the morning and saw their dog lying on the porch with an arrow on its head.

The attack happened on Tuesday night in the area of Calhoun, South Carolina. The attacker had shot the dog and ran away, but investigations are underway to uncover his or her identity.

Nikki Sauer, the practice manager at Paws and Claws Animal Clinic where the dog was taken for treatment had wrote online, ‘To the sorry SOB who thought this was ok to do I hope you rot in hell. I’m not sure if you’re aware but this sweet 5 month old puppy has a family and her mom is a police officer,’ Sauer wrote on her own Facebook page.

Nikki Sauer, practice manager at Paws and Claws, took to Facebook to call for justice for Loca

‘They have cameras on their property and I pray to God they caught you on at least one of them.’

The arrow was removed, but whoever shot the puppy remains at large

The arrow was removed at the clinic and the dog is said to be doing fine.

The arrow had somehow missed the brain, esophagus and spine of Loca
Loca the dog after removing the arrow

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