Baby That Was As Small As An Apple At Birth Defies Odds To Go Home

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In one of the miracles of nature, a baby that was as small as an apple at birth has defied all odds to survive and go home.

Baby Saybie was delivered at just in 23 weeks and three days of gestation, and weighed almost the same as an apple.

She currently weighs 5.6 pounds and has been discharged from Sharp Mary Birch Hospital where she was born.

According to the tiniest babies registry that is kept by the University of Iowa, Saybie is the smallest baby ever born and according to previous data, she weighs a whole 7 grams less than most babies.

Baby Saybie is finally big enough to go home

Here birth was so premature that she is considered to be a “micro preemie” (a baby born before 28 weeks) by doctors.

At birth, Saybie was placed under intensive care at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital neonatal intensive care unit in California until she reached a weight that was considered to be satisfactory by doctors.

She has since been discharged and now weighs almost 6 pounds.

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