Lady Gives Birth Inside The Toilet Just Few Hours After Doctors Told Her She Was Not Pregnant

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A lady has been dealt the shock of her life after she gave birth inside the toilet, just hours after she was told by doctors that she was not pregnant.

Stacey had hoped to enjoy her weekend at a convention celebrating the Harry Porter, with her best friend Rebecca.

The 25-year-old still could not believe she gave birth in her hotel, while having absolutely no idea that she was pregnant.

Immediately it happened, panicked Rebecca had to call the emergency line to report that her friend had given birth inside the toilet.

Asked how many weeks pregnant her friend, from Leeds, is, she answers: “Errm, I don’t actually know because she didn’t actually know she was pregnant.

Just a few minutes earlier Stacey had suffered stomach cramps and rushed to the lavatory only for a baby girl to appear and splash into the toilet bowl.

Rebecca told  the 999 emergency operator: “My friend has not been well all day and then she’s literally just had a baby, about two, three minutes ago.

“It seems fine, it’s crying and screaming and everything.”

The operator talks her through monitoring her friend and the new baby’s health and tying the umbilical cord.

Stacy didn’t know she was pregnant

Stacey tells the paramedic: “She didn’t cry straight away, she fell into the toilet water I had to pull her out, I put her in the sink and she started to cry.

“And now I’ve got a little girl.”

Earlier in the day she had complained of a lump and feeling nauseous so went to see a doctor. But they told her a pregnancy test had come back negative and they suspected she had a cyst.

She was taken to the hospital

She recalls to the paramedics: “I’ve been at the doctors today because I could feel a bump but they said the pregnancy test said negative.

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