Museum Visitor Cracks Code Of Ancient Lock On First Try

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A museum visitor in Canada has accomplice an amazing feat of cracking open the code of an ancient lock on his very first try.

The Vermilion Heritage Museum in Alberta said the safe had once been inside the Brunswick Hotel, which closed in the 1970s, and it was brought to the museum in 1992.

Officials working on the museum said that several attempts have been made by experts to open the safe but their efforts proved to be fruitless.

Mills had come into the museum with his family, and finding the safe, sought permission to try and open it.

Mills, who has no experience cracking safes, was given permission to attempt to open the 2,000-pound metal box and he managed it in about 30 seconds using the first number combination that popped into his head: 20-40-60.

“I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor,” Mills told The Washington Post. “I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness.'”

Mills not only surprised himself, but a whole lot of other people.

Museum officials said there was nothing of real value on the safe, just some old papers and documents, but, they felt the find was of some real historical value.

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