This Pumpkin Is So Large It Weighs As Much As A Car

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Imagine a pumpkin so large that it weighs as much as a car, then you will know how large this particular pumpkin is.

This pumpkin came up the winner, as expected, at the Topsfield Fair in New England. The squash weighed 2,294.5 pounds.

The plant look so huge, you’d think it’s a work of art.

The winner of the pumpkin competition, Alex Noel from Pomfret, Connecticut went home with a prize of $8,519 prize for winning the competition.

He said, “I’ll sleep better tonight than I have in 18 years,” Noel told CNN affiliate WBZ.

The pumpkin has been housed in its own enormous pumpkin-sized house in the fair’s Fruit and Vegetable building.

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