Model Gets Bitten On The Butt By A Pig During A Photo Shoot

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A fitness model has been very mortified after she was bitten in the bottom by a pig during a photo shoot.

The model, Michelle Lewin had visited Pig Island in the Bahamas in a bid to get great shots of her playing around with the animals.

But she got more than she bargained for after the pigs took a liking to her bottom.

The shoot had indeed started off well with Michelle getting good shots of herself playing with the pigs.

But the animals showed their apparent dislike of being abandoned after she turned for them to get a shot of her walking down the beach.

The pigs started running towards her so as not to lose sight of her, and an overzealous one even bit her on the bottom, leaving her with a huge red bite mark.

The funny thing here was that the cameras kept rolling during the attack and Michelle can be heard screaming and trying to get away from the pigs.

Despite the shock, the beautiful model decided to share the video with her 13million followers.

The post, which she simply captioned with a pig emoji and a few unimpressed faces, has been liked more than 705,000 times.

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