Speculations Become Rife After Customer Called ‘Elizabeth’ Orders Pizza From Buckingham Palace

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Speculations have gone out of hand after a customer named Elizabeth ordered pizza with a Buckingham Palace address.

After the news got out, people started speculating that the Queen loves Domino pizza.

According to the Mirror, the Pizza delivery outfit received an order for four large chess burger pizza from one Elizabeth who promised to pay when the pizza was delivered.

The pizza was then prepared by Domino’s Victoria staff and given to a delivery boy who rode off to fulfill the order at a place he probably did not know was Buckingham Palace.

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The pizza delivery man brought the pizza to Buckingham palace asking for Elizabeth

Unsurprisingly, the procedure for delivering pizza at the palace was quite different from what is obtainable at an average customers house.

He was promptly stopped at the gate of the palace by some guards who called their superior to confirm if the queen actually ordered for the said pizza which she in fact did not order for.

The guards broke the news to the delivery boy that he was the subject of a prank.

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It was later found out to be a prank

According to a source, “the next thing the copper said was, Elizabeth is the name of the queen- and she lives at Buckingham palace. I think someone is winding you up”.

The driver, who was clearly flustered by the incident apologized for the incident and then rode off.

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