Woman Goes To Check Out Her Friend’s New Swanky Condo When She Commits A Hilarious Gaffe

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A woman was quite shocked after she entered an apartment she assumed to be her friend’s and a huge man walked in after a while and surprised her.

The woman who took to Reddit to narrate the gaffe she made within the week, said that her friend, Jenna had moved into a nice new condo, and she had gone to check the place out.

“I ended up arriving before she got home from work so she told me to let myself in with the spare key under the potted plant and to make myself comfortable.´

The lady said she made herself a sandwich and was moving around the pretty apartment to check it out when the door opened.

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She thought a bugler had come into the house (stock photo)

“A really large and unfamiliar man with a duffel bag came in. Dude was intimidating and I’m a tiny 4’11” woman so I was immediately scared.

“He looked shocked to see me. I’m looking at his duffel bag and realizing that I surprised some piece of shit burglar!”

Being quite shocked at the presence of the man, the lady threw the sandwich at his face and ran into the bedroom to lock herself up.

“I panicked and threw my sandwich at his face and then locked myself in the bedroom. I’m shaking and he pounds on the door yelling at me to get the fuck out.

“I start screaming at HIM to get the fuck out and that I’m calling the police (total bluff because I didn’t have my phone.) He then yells back that HE is calling the police on ME.”

The last statement of the man got her to pause and she started looking around an making some realizations.

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The woman was shocked when she realized her mistake (stock photo)

“At this point, I look around and realize the bedroom I’m in definitely appears to be of the male persuasion.

“I ask him through the door if he knows Jenna (last name). He tells me yes, she is his next door neighbor.

“So, today I fucked up by letting myself into my friend’s neighbor’s place, smacking him in the face with his own sandwich and then screaming at him to get the fuck out of his house.”

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