Alligator With A Football Stuck In Its Mouth Gets Rescued (watch)

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An alligator who managed to get a football stuck in its mouth has been rescued after concerned locals called a rescue team.

The gator was reported to have been spotted at the Osprey Cove neighborhood of Myrtle Beach.

The alligator had apparently attempted to eat the ball and got the sports equipment stuck in its jaws.

James Sargent, a trapper with The Snake Catcher, arrived with helper Chris Boone to the pond.

“It almost looked like he wasn’t alive at the time,” Sargent told WBTW-TV. “But then I did see him moving so I knew he was alive.”

Sargent shared photos and video of the unusual rescue, which he said marked the first time an alligator had managed to pull him into the water.

“I have to physically catch him like a fish, bring him close enough to where we can then get the snare on him,” he said. “Once we get the snare on him that’s connected to a rope so then we got a good hold on it.”

The soccer ball was removed and the gator was released back into the pond, eliciting cheers from the crowd of onlookers. “

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