Grieving Elephants Mourn A Dead Calf

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In a scene that could be termed as anthropomorphic, a herd of elephant were captured while on a “funeral” procession for a deceased young calf.

A video of this procession was shot by a forest ranger, and it has been shared on Twitter where it has since gone viral gathering over 12,000 likes and 5,000 shares.

The now viral video was captured and posted by a forest ranger in the Indian Foreign Service on Friday.

A mother carrying the dead calf

In the heart wrenching video, an elephant can be seen emerging from the surrounding forest with a dead calf wrapped around her trunk.

The elephant crosses the road, sets the dead calf down and then waits for the “procession” to catch up while a group of onlookers (human beings) wait and watch from down the road.

Other elephants arrive in a solemn procession before thy move off

The elephant is then join by both young and old elephants who surround the body like in a human funeral. The calf is then carried into the woods with the procession tow.

Even though this behavior may seem strange or unique, that is not quite the case. According to Smithsonian magazine, elephant have been known or show grief over the death of a member of their herd.

It has also been documented that elephants take interest in the bone of their dead relatives and have been seen circling the remains and even touching it.

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