Hungry Kingsnake Decides to Have Himself For Dinner

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Zoo keepers were quite shocked when they come upon an unusual sight, and it was that of a kingsnake practically having itself for dinner.

The snake which has been described as confused was rescued from itself by officials of the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary.

The Pennsylvania reptile sanctuary shared a video of the snake as it got stuck with itself after ingesting several inches of its own tail.

An official in the sanctuary, Jesse Rothacker helped out the eastern kingsnake out of its dicey predicament.

Rothacker said it’s not unusual for a confused kingsnake to bite itself, but it’s rare that they manage to swallow their own tails.

“They will sometimes see their own tail, they’ll think it’s snake, they’ll take a bite out of it and they’ll realize they bit themselves,” the rescuer says in the footage.

Image result for Kingsnake swallows 10 inches of its own tail in Pennsylvania
The snake was found swallowing itself

“But today, well, we’re going to see a kingsnake that, I don’t know, might not have done very well on the SATs. … He did not just nibble on himself. This poor kingsnake is actually in the process of swallowing his own tail,” he said.

Rothacker tapped the snake’s nose to make it let go and ended up pulling about 10 inches of tail out of its mouth.

The snake, named Kronos, has been adopted to a new home, the sanctuary said.

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