Spanish Couple Slept Alongside 8,000 Bees For 2 Years And They Had No Idea

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A Spanish couple was horrified after they discovered that they have been sleeping alongside 8,000 bees for 2 years without having any idea.

The couple from the city of Granada, Andalusia, only knew that a low buzzing sound came from their bedroom wall and the sound did not allow them sleep well at night.

The couple said they ignored the sound and tried to find new ways to lull themselves to sleep, until the sound started getting louder three months ago.

When the sound became unbearable, they had to call the local beekeeper to check it out.

“From about three months ago there was an unbearable noise and they didn’t know what to do,” beehive relocation expert Sergio Guerrero told CNN. “Just imagine!”

The experienced beekeeper was shocked that the couple managed to live with the noise for so long as the hive contained 8,000 bees.

“With a hive that big it’s a wonder they didn’t have a constant buzz in their ear,” he told The Local. “I can’t understand how they’ve been able to live with them for the past two years.”

He added that the hive likely grew so large due to a large number of flowers in the area as well as rising local temperatures.

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