This Woman Lives With Nine Huge Newfoundland Dogs

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One woman has taken her love for a particular breed of dogs very serious and is now living nine of them.

Makatche who lives in Mills, Pennsylvania, currently has nine huge Newfoundland dogs.

The woman says her live for the Newfoundland dog breed knew no bound as she practically grew up with them.

“I grew up with our family’s first Newfoundland. He was about a year older than me and died when he was 13. My parents were initially attracted to the breed because they wanted a dog that was good with kids and similar to a Lab.”

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The dogs are being trained to become therapy dogs

Makatche’s parents bred Cavalier King Charles spaniels when she was younger and introduced her to the process and she fell in love. Later, she became enamored with the Newfoundland breed. Of the nine dogs she has now, three of them have been with her since they were born.

“We never have and still don’t intend to breed often, only when we have time to properly raise a litter,” Makatche says.

“The crew has expanded gradually over the past nine years as my mom fell more and more in love with the breed.”

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Makatche opened an Instagram page for her dogs

As she acquired more dogs, Makatche decided to start an Instagram specifically to post adorable photos.

“I really didn’t have any intentions other than sharing pictures of my dog for anyone who cared to see. I was in college and knew most of the people who knew me personally didn’t care to see daily dog pictures on my personal account.”

“My personal goal is to become a speech language pathologist working with young children and include the therapy-trained Newfs in my work life as well,” she says.

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The dogs take perfect pictures

“Dogs, especially Newfs, have a special way with children and I could certainly see a child opening up to one of them even if they struggle to communicate with an adult.”

Makatche’s dog Crew now includes Guinness, Duncan, Storm, Murphy, Coeli, Skyy, Aisling, Oliver and Belle. Three of them have completed therapy training and two are in the process.

“Once I have them all trained, I intend to start a nonprofit to have the crew seen as a legitimate therapy team and hopefully be invited into places,” Makatche says.

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