Woman Contracts Rabies And Dies After She Saved A Stray Puppy

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A woman has unfortunately died after she contacted rabies while saving a stray dog.

Birgitte Kallestad, a 24-year old Norwegian woman had saved a puppy when she was on a holiday in the Philippines.

According to a statement by her family, she was on holiday with friends when they found the puppy on a street.

 The puppy is thought to have infected her when it bit her after they took it back to their resort. 

Kallestad fell ill soon after returning to Norway and she was diagnosed a having rabies.

She lost the fight on Monday at the hospital where she worked.

 Kallestad’s case makes it the first rabies related death Norway has had in the last 200 years.

Norway’s government does not make rabies vaccinations compulsory for citizens travelling to the Philippines, but Ms Kallestad’s family has now called for a change in the law.

 “If we can achieve this, the death of our sunbeam can save others,” the family said.

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