Woman Picks Up Injured Wild Animal And Keeps It In The Back Seat Of The Car With Her Child

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A woman was driving along the road when she spotted an injured wild animal on the road and proceeded to do the unthinkable.

The Colorado woman had ignorantly put the injured wild animal in the back of her car with her young child.

The animal in question was a bobcat, but it had been very injured and weak.

An officer who responded to the woman’s call discovered she had put the bobcat under a blanket in the back of the vehicle, only feet away from where the child was strapped into a car seat.

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The woman put the injured bobcat in her car with her child and covered it with a blanket

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the Colorado Springs woman was lucky the bobcat was injured and too fatigued to move when she picked it up from the side of a road Wednesday and put it in her SUV with her young child.

“We removed the bobcat, which was mortally wounded. Luckily, it was too injured to react to being picked up and placed in a car. But no one should EVER try this. This could have been tragic,” officials wrote.

“NEVER PICK UP WILD ANIMALS. She was lucky,” the agency tweeted.

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