Boy Contracts Rare Disease That Burnt And Peeled Off His Whole Body

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A five year-old boy has contracted a rare disease that burned and peeled off his whole body.

Ollie Williams first has something that looked like a rash behind his ears, and within an hour, the rash has spread and turned into blisters.

Mum-of-five Carly, from Newbury, Berkshire, said: “It was the worst time of my life. We genuinely did think we were going to lose our son. I just can’t get my head around it just happening out of the blue. He was a perfectly healthy boy and in the space of a few hours he was left fighting for his life.”

The infection started blistering within hours

When the mum had initially noticed the rash on her son’s body, she called doctors, but was told it was an ordinary reaction, that she should administer Calpol (an antihistamine).

She called a gain in a few hours but was given the same report. ‘

By 8am in the morning, the distraught mother rushed her son to the hospital, and seeing his condition, doctors immediately placed him on an induced coma.

His mum was told initially that it was just a viral infection

He was in the induced coma for two weeks while medics tried to control the burns that spread across his face and body – even fusing his eyes shut.

Carly told how he was “wrapped up like a mummy” in bandages from head to toe, leaving him unrecognisable.

He had been stuck down with Stevens-Johnson syndrome – a rare, serious disorder of the skin and membranes, which is usually a reaction to a medication or an infection.

Ollie was treated as if he had had acid thrown at him, she said.

Ollie was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome

“Ollie was wrapped up like a mummy. He was unrecognisable and I was just begging for my son back. His eyeballs were fused together and we’d have to watch doctors use plastic scrapers under his eyes to remove the mucus.

Carly said: “The doctors were absolutely flabbergasted. Only two nurses and a doctor had seen another case before. The others said it was something they were told they would learn about in a textbook but probably never come across it.

“His whole skin from head to toe just blistered and fell off; the protective layers of his eyes, the bottom of his feet, even his own fingernails came off.”

Ollie was treated like an acid burn victim

Carly added: “When he first woke up from coma, doctors had to re-inflate his lung which had collapsed. This pushed up against his heart and ended up twisting it.

“When they managed to re-inflate it the heart pushed itself back on its own accord. This happened in the space of a day so everyday was really emotional.

During the remaining two week hospital stay, Ollie also contracted sepsis – leaving him once again having to fight for his life.

Ollie and his twin brother Jake after the sickness

Two months on, Ollie is home but is scarred for life, and Carly said the family is constantly reminded of what he’s been through, because of his identical twin who is a picture of health.

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