Brazilian Model Dies On Stage At The Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week

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In a shocking turn of event, a Brazilian model has reportedly died after he collapsed as he was walking on stage.

Tales Soares, 26, was said to be walking on stage on Saturday at the Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week in Brazil, when he lost his balance.

The model was said to have tottered before he stumbled and fell while walking for the clothing brand Ocksa.

Fashion model dies after collapsing on runway in Brazil (Photos)
Soares collapsed on stage

Soares was given medical attention by the medical team at the scene before he was rushed to the hospital.

He was sadly declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

As of this moment, the cause of the model’s death has not been revealed.

Fashion model dies after collapsing on runway in Brazil (Photos)
He was declared dead on arrival to the hospital

In a release made by the organizers of the show, they said, “We are sorry for this loss and give our sincere apologies to Tales’ family.”

His management company, Base Management, in an Instagram post, said that the model never had, or complained about any health problems and was a vegetarian who had a healthy diet.

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