Depression And Anxiety Have A Face. See What They Look Like

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While someone who is sick can be easily detected because of certain physical features, but veer few people agree that they can spot a depressed person by just staring at them.

This is why a lady took to twitter to show her photo when she was still struggling with depression, and the picture of her when she had overcome the illness.

Quenlin Blackwell who struggled with depression and anxity decided to post pictures to show what the face of depression looked like.

Quenlin, who has a huge online platform, shared a striking “before” and “after” of herself on Twitter.

“a mental health glo up. I’m so proud of myself dude. I literally LOOK healthier” she wrote.

The stark difference between the two photos, and her honesty inspired many of her followers to follow suit and share their “before” and “after”.

Wack. Before
Ashleigh during depression
Shellez during depression
After healing


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