Couple Wants Home Tutor For Their Son, But The Candidate Must Be Able To Transform Their Kitchen Into Hogwarts

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A couple has made a bizarre request online after they sent out an application for a home tutor who would be able to transform their kitchen into Hogwarts.

A couple from the UK named Kate and John are looking to employ a tutor for their 11-year-old son because he was struggling with science subjects.

In their application, they revealed that their son is a Harry Porter fan, and so they want someone who knows a bit of magic.

In addition, the person must be willing to dress like professor Snape and be willing to use potions and quills and other things in his lessons.

They said: “We are looking for someone to help him outside of school, but we want to make it as fun and engaging as possible for him.

“Toby is a Harry Potter fan, so we are looking for someone to create Harry Potter-themed lessons for him.

“We want someone who will put 100% effort into the lessons, basically transforming our kitchen into Hogwarts!”

They added that the role will involve the tutor dressing up as a characters like Professor Snape and Professor Sprout and teaching chemistry, biology and physics under the guises of potions, herbology and flying lessons

As well as getting into costume, the tutor will need to have at least four years of experience tutoring or teaching science and a strong knowledge of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world.

For the right candidate, the parents are willing to pay £75 an hour and they’ll also cover expenses for wands, quills and other magical supplies.


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