Singer Falls Off Stage During Concert Performance And Is Now Fighting For His Life

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An Argentinian singer fell off a stage in the middle of a performance at a concert, and he is now fighting for his life.

In a footage that was released from the event, Sergio Denis, 69, was shown to have fallen off the edge of the stage and plunged onto the floor below.

The incident happened at the Mercedes Sosa theatre in Tucuman, a city in north-west Argentina.

Denis, whose real name is Héctor Omar Hoffmann, has been placed in an induced coma and is breathing with the aid of a ventilator, after he suffered severe head injuries from the fall.

The fall was severe because he plunged several feet into an open orchestra pit.

Horrified fans were seen screaming and trying to reach him to see if he was alright.

Paramedics were called and he was taken to the hospital.

Denis’ girlfriend, Veronica Monti revealed later that he had called her minutes before starting his Monday night show to say he was tired and felt like going to bed instead of doing his show.

She added: “We are hoping for a miracle. He speaks with God every night and thinks God listens to him.

“We’re hoping to have better news later today.”

His borther had also granted audience to the local media and he told them that they have been to the hospital to see him, and they believe he is receiving information.

He suffered head injuries in the fall

“We’ve been to see him in hospital today with his son Federico, we spoke to him and we saw an almost imperceptible movement of his head. We believe he is receiving information.”

He later added: “In some things they’ve told me that he’s improved a little bit so his situation hasn’t worsened but it is serious.”

Denis was performing a romantic ballad which was a career hit called ‘Te Llamo para despedirme’ – which translates as ‘I’m calling you to say goodbye’ – when he fell.

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