Statue Of Catholic Saint Breaks Guinness World Record As The Tallest Bamboo Statue In The World

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The statue of a catholic saint, St. Vincent Ferrer, has entered the Guinness book of records as the world’s tallest bamboo statue.

The statue measures 164 feet, 9 inches.

According to Guinness world record, the statue of St. Vincent Ferrer in Bayambang’s St. Vincent Ferrer Prayer Park was officially measured and found to be the tallest bamboo sculpture in the world.

The statue, sponsored by Kasama Kita Sa Barangay Foundation and The People of Bayambang, took a year and a half to assemble from 22,626 bamboo panels — 60 tons of bamboo.

The statue of the city’s patron saint was finished as part of celebrations for St. Vincent Ferrer parish’s 400th anniversary.

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