Boy Enters Guinness Book Of Records For Having The World’s Longest Baby Tooth

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10-year-old as entered the Guinness book of records for having the world’s longest baby tooth.

Curtis Buddie, from Ohio had his baby tooth removed by dentists and it measured a staggering .94 inches.

Dr. Scott Bossert who removed the tooth at The Gentle Dentist in Columbus said that it was longer than the previous record owner whose milk tooth had measured .78 inches.

The milk tooth was measured after it was extracted and it was found to have beat the record of the previous owner because of its length.

Curtis and his family have been very excited with this find and his mother, Jessica Buddie, said,

“This is about the most exciting thing that has happened all year for him and his classmates.”

Curtis who is in the fifth grade now feels that he is very special and his mom continued gushing,

“To say this has been an exciting event for Curt and our family would be an understatement.”

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