Doctor In Pakistan Infects Over 600 People With HIV By Reusing Infected Syringes

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A doctor in Pakistan has been arrested after he was found out to have infected over 600 people with HIV with over 400 of them being children.

Muzaffar Ghangro, was said to have infected 494 children and 113 adults with the virus.

The doctor, who is himself an AIDS patient, was accused by at least 10 families of infecting their children with HIV in Ratodero, in Sindh province, Pakistan.

But Ghangro has denied the charges, saying he didn’t do anything intentionally.

Pakistani doctor accused of infecting almost 500 kids with HIV by reusing syringes

Muzaffar Ghangro

According to reports from NPR and the Associated Press, parents in April began to notice lasting fevers in their children and took them to a nearby medical center for testing.

By around April 24, 15 children ages 2 to 8 had tested positive for HIV. Local officials then set up a camp where children and their parents could be screened for the virus and the results were alarming.

As of mid-May, 410 children and 100 adults in Larkana, a city in Pakistan’s Sindh province, had tested positive for HIV, the Associated Press reported. Those numbers have since climbed to 494 children and 113 adults, according to NPR.

Investigations are still ongoing on the case.

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