Dog Beer: Your Dogs Can Now Relax With A Pint

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Some dogs love to drink beer, and some others have gone ahead to develop a drinking habit where they go ransacking the house in search of their daily beer ‘fix’.

For this reason, a couple have gone ahead to develop a beer they claim is safe for dogs to indulge in.

Megan and Steve Long in Houston, Texas created a dog-safe beer after they wanted to him to be able to enjoy a drink that is healthy, safe and nutritious.

The drink turned out to be a hit with their dog who they said suffer from several food allergies and sensitivities.

After a while, their neighbors started asking for it to try with their dogs. For then on, they started getting more demands, and that was when they thought of turning their pet project into a business.  

non-alcoholic dog beer cans
The four different flavours

The couple then set up a business producing a beer brand that they call ‘Good Boy Dog Beer’.

The beer comes in different flavours including pork, chicken, peanut or vegetable based and they are all full of herbs and spices.

When they were asked if human beings can also consume the beer, they replied,

“The answer is yes, absolutely. Because it’s for dogs, that’s the flavor profile we’re going for. There’s no sodium, so it’s really bland. But I’ve tried all of them.”

This iconic dog beer goes for $18 for a four-pack.

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