Man Charged $67,689 For Just A Glass Of Beer

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“See this beer?” wrote an aggrieved customer, “this is the most expensive beer in history.”

Australian journalist Peter Lalor was rightly shocked when the bill for his beer came in and he found that he has been charged $67,689 for just a glass of beer.

The journalist had visited the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester, England when he got the outrageous bill.

It turned out that it was an accident. The glass of beer was really meant to cost $6.76, but a simple misplacement of figures skyrocketed the bill.

Lalor was issued an immediate refund with hotel management telling him that the expensive charge might not go through.

Well, the debit went through, and Lalor was having minus $67,689 in his bank statement.

He contacted his bank and they said it will take around 10 days for the refund to go through.

Aggrieved Lalor had to take the incident to twitter. He wrote,

“See this beer? This is the most expensive beer in history.” H also posted a photo of the beverage.

The hotel told journalists that they have reached out to Lalor to apologize and resolve the blunder.

“We always benchmark our bar prices, and acknowledge that this was a tad on the steep side,” the hotel said.

“We hope we can invite Peter back for another drink soon. The next one is definitely on the house!”

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