Man Sues Hospital After His Circumcision Goes Horribly Wrong

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An aggrieved man has dragged a hospital to court after the circumcision conducted on him had gone terribly wrong.

The man whose identity was hidden was said to have been left with a buried penis that was incapable of having sex, after doctors circumcised him.

The man had complained that he had difficulties urinating and had gone to the hospital only for doctors to leave him with a worse condition.

He believed he needed a minor operation after experiencing difficulty urinating, but after he was wheeled into theatre at Furness General Hospital and Cumbria surgeon, Kavinder Madhra told him he needed a full circumcision.

The man, who was 54 at the time of the surgery in October 2012, said the condition almost caused his marriage to break down because of lack of sexual performance, and had left him suicidal.

He has also been left unable to control the flow of urine and has to press a bucket against himself when he goes to the toilet.

A consultant psychiatrist who assessed the man said he had been left ‘feeling humiliated’ and that ‘his manhood had been taken away from him’.

The patient added: “I feel nothing but anger towards Mr Madhra and the hospital trust for what has happened to me and it has only added to that anger and frustration to read about these complaints which date back so many years.

“This sort of thing should not be happening to anybody. It has ruined my life and I wonder how many others have suffered too.”

The patient was awarded a pay out of £125,000 for medical negligence after being advised by his GP to take legal action.

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