Man Undergoes Surgery To Rid Himself Of 4 Extra Toes Even Though His Parents Said It Was Goodluck

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A 21 year old Chinese man born with nine toes on his left foot has undergone life-changing surgery to remove his extra digits.

Known only as Ajun, the man was forced to live out his childhood being scared to face people.

Ajun who stopped wearing sandals at the age of 10, could not approach any girl for a date because of his deformity.

He said he suffered for so long with the condition because of his parents’ stubborn belief that it was a ‘gift from the heavens’ and they told him that if it really looked too bad, he could just cover it with his shoes.

 The X-ray shows the extra digits on his foot
An xray of the foot

Being tired of the stigma, Ajun made up his mind to seek medical help as soon as he was able to.

Now, he has been given a new lease of life after doctors operated to rid him of the four extra toes which had burdened him for two decades.

He told doctors before he was operated on that his parents were immediately aware of his condition as soon as he was born, but they refused to let doctors operate on him.

Seeking a reversal of fortune, Ajun sought out expert advice at Shunde Heping Surgical Hospital in the city of Foshan.

 The bizarre deformity is extremely rare - but the boy's parents thought it was good luck
His parents thought it was goodluck

His doctor, Wu Xiang, said: “It’s very rare to see such a serious deformity having not been treated in a 21-year-old patient.”

Doctor Wu added: “Other hospitals would’ve just removed his outermost extra toes. That would’ve been the easiest solution, but it wouldn’t look the best.

 He underwent a nine hour operation to create a new big toe
The surgery took nine hours

“His most natural looking toe is on the outside, so we decided to migrate it inwards to its most ideal position, replacing his fifth digit and creating a new big toe.”

His team spent nine hours operating on Ajun, forging a new big toe and chopping off the extra ones.

 Known only as Ajun, the man now says he has 'perfect' feet
A new big toe was created for him

Ajun, who is recovering in hospital and will b soon be discharged, said: ‘Now I feel great. I’m very grateful to Dr Wu Xiang.

Polydactyly is the scientific name for having extra digits on hands and feet.

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