Meet The Vampire Couple That Drink Blood And Sleep In The Day Time

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A certain couple has opened up about their vampire leanings and tendencies. The married couple shared their story of how they sleep in the day and move around in the dark, and as well as how they source their blood.

The couple, Logan and Daley South say that they get they get their monthly fix of blood from their donor girlfriend who comes around whenever they call on her.

The pair say that as ‘vampires’ they need to take in human energy in the form of blood or psychic energy or sexual energy to keep themselves healthy, and they utilize all three methods.

According to Logan, who is 32, he said he is drawn more to the intimate and sexual side of blood feeding, while Daley, 31 is not too taken in with blood, though she drinks it because it is a necessity for her.

They call themselves the ‘king and queen’ of the Vampire Court of Austin, Texas, wear fangs, shun sunlight and sleep during the day.

They tied the knot in 2017 in a $120k ceremony where they had pole dancer and a Dracula cake plus other vampire trimmings.

Daley, to fit more into the part had her ears surgically altered to become pointed and look like that of a bat. She reported that she does not like the way blood tasted, but has to drink it regularly.

The couple and their blood donor girlfriend

The first time Daley ever drank blood was while she sat in an English class in high school.

“It was actually a really intense experience for me,” she said, adding she started to feel this ‘intense thirst’ she had never felt before.

“I ran to the first water fountain I could find and I started gulping down water.

“I didn’t feel any less thirsty. At that point, I happened to run into one of my friends in the hallway that had been helping me through my awakening.

“We found my friend and they pulled out a lancet and I drank from them and it was immediately gone.”

Sucking blood

Meanwhile Logan, who spends just an hour a week in the sun, had his “vampiric awakening” when he was 15.

He said: “Being a vampire isn’t something that you can just choose. It is something you are born with. It is something that is a part of you.

Logan and Daley always get to know their blood donors and have them tested every six months for bloodborne diseases.

They use the instrument that diabetics use to draw blood for test to draw blood from their donor girlfriend. They insist that they need to feed on blood when they are listless, fatigued and depressed.

Instrument used for drawing blood

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