Millions Of Locusts Invade A Small Italian Island

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Farmers on an Italian island have been left horrified after a swarm of locusts totaling millions invaded the island. 

The grasshoppers in their numbers have been voraciously eating up crops in the fields.

The farmers raised an alarm after food scarcity was staring them in the face with the devastation caused by the locusts.

Coldiretti, Italy’s farming association, said the grasshoppers are causing damage to crops and posing a danger to livestock near the city of Nuoro in Sardinia.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said the cause of the swarm is unclear.

Cordiretti officials theorized an unusually cool May could be to blame for the influx of insects.

They said the sudden warming of temperatures this month may have caused eggs laid in the autumn to hatch all at once.

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