Mum Drowns Her Two Children After Her Partner Asks Her To Be His Second Wife

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An aggrieved mother has drowned her two children after her partner told her to become his second wife.

Ekaterina Khavchina had discovered that her partner was already married and had become increasingly aggravated by the news.

Ekaterina confronted her partner who then told her to become his second wife.

This proposition did not go down well with Ekaterina as she felt she has been abandoned.

Ekaterina with her son Valentin

Eyewitness report told of how the mother waded into the sea with her son five-year-old son Valentin and six-month-old daughter Milana tied to her.

The baby was drowned in the sea and the boy died after being rushed to hospital.

It was reported that the woman tried to take her own life but was prevented by rescuers who took the children away from her and ferried them all to the hospital.

Ekaterina and her Uzbek husband

The woman’s life is said to have fallen apart after she discovered that Milana’s father was already married to a woman in his homeland of Uzbekistan.

After she was rescued, Ekaterina said: “Everyone has left me, nobody needs me, I don’t need anyone.”

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