Thrift Store Goes Viral For Selling Haunted Furniture

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A North Carolina thrift store has gone viral after it posted on its social media pages that it was selling haunted furniture.

The Habitat for Humanity Restore of Rowan County posted photos to Facebook, and has warned interested buyers that the furniture were haunted.

The store had posted images of a queen canopy bed frame and highboy chest of drawers, and they said that their previous owners reported them to be haunted.

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The haunted furniture

The note, which was posted alongside the pieces, had read,

“Please note, previous owner reports that the highboy is haunted. He reports continuous nightmares for he and his wife while it was in their room. He also reports the dogs would not stop barking at it.”

With the information that the furniture was haunted, quite a number of people got interested in it, strangely enough.

Store Operations Director Elizabeth Brady confirmed this, saying,

“Actually a lot of people are interested because it’s haunted supposedly.

“Our donations manager asked about these pieces and he was told ‘you don’t want those, they’re haunted,'” Brady said. “And he said ‘well, now I definitely want them!”

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The post was getting a lot of attention

Brady said they had to disclose the nature of the furniture because they are Christians, and they do not feel it is right to sell somebody a haunted piece without disclosing such a thing.

“We are a Christian ministry,” Brady said. “We don’t say we believe in ghosts or don’t, but I have trouble selling this to someone not disclosing that. I would want to know as a customer.”

The items were purchased within the week by Ricky Scott and his partner, who paid $1,000 for both pieces.

“Yeah, I don’t really care they think it’s haunted,” Scott said. “We actually live really close to Gravity Hill which they say is haunted here in Rowan County.”

“Maybe it will be a nice ghost,” he said. 

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