World’s Oldest Man Dies At Age 123

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A man who has been identified as the documented world oldest man, has reportedly died at the ripe old age of 123.

Appaz Iliev, a father-of-eight from the republic of Ingushetia, near Georgia, was born under the last Russian Tsar. He served in World War One but was declared too old to fight in World War Two.

According to Daily Mail, his birth records were lost so his age could never be verified, though he s much older than the former reported oldest person who died at 119 years.

Iliev attributed his long life to getting 11 hours of sleep per night, retiring every day at 7pm before rising at 6am to tend his flock.

He avoided doctors and medication as much as possible, although at the reported age of 121 he underwent eye surgery because of a cataract.

He ate only eat only fresh vegetables from his own garden, and local meat in his remote village of Guli in the Russian Caucasus Mountains. He drank dairy milk and fresh spring water.

Reflecting on his long life, Iliev once told reporters: ‘Value what you have and share it with others.

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