The Japanese Penis Festival Where Everything Is Shaped Like A Phallus

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Japan has just celebrated its penis festival where everything, from food to candy is shaped like a penis.

The festival, which attracted thousands of people, is dedicated solely to the male reproductive organ.

Huge male members, multi-coloured phallic decorations and food shaped like the male anatomy all feature at the Penis Festival, which is also known as Honen-sai.

The festival typically occurs every year in the month of March.

Japanese women carrying huge penises to pray for fertility

Residents and visitors of the Aichi Prefecture in Japan flock to Komaki, north of Nagoya, to see a giant phallus carried through the streets.

The highest attraction of the festival is the two-metre long penis, weighing upwards of 400kg and with a circumference of more than 100cm.

This giant phallus is carried by people referred to as men of an “unlucky age”. The men offer the penis to a shrine while praying for a good harvest, flourishing of all natural things and fertility to loved ones.

The enormous two-meter long penis

While the enormous penis is being paraded, people try to give it a kiss at the tip for good luck.

One of the features of the festival is that everything that is used in it is shaped like a penis. Visitors to the festival ate chocolate dipped bananas, uncircumcised hot dogs, and artfully designed pancakes.

Food is shaped like a penis

As the parade is moving on, a street party follows and people share snacks, sake, and souvenirs.

At the festival, visitors pray to the many structures carved in form of penis in hopes of having a child, meeting someone lovely, or having a bountiful harvest.

A lot of penis-looking attactions

The festival begins each year on March 15 at Tagata shrine, where priests have already salted the road to purify the path for those carrying large penises.

Tourist taking a selfie while sucking a candy phallus

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