Woman who claims to be autosexual gets engaged to herself

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A woman who has made strong claims that she is autosexual has revealed that she is now officially engaged to herself. Woman claims to be autosexual

Ghia Vitale, took to twitter to announce that she is engaged to be married to herself, with the hashtags, autosexual and autoromantic.

The writer who had proposed to herself in March 2017 recently took to Twitter to announce the news, writing: “It’s official: I am engaged to myself! #autoromanticism #autosexual”

Woman who is engaged to be married to herself reveals what it

Speaking to Metro UK, Ghia said she started becoming aware of her sexuality at the young age of 7, when she noticed that she could not carry on romantic friendships like other kids her age, and that she was turned on by the thought of her body.

Because of her limited knowledge, she didn’t explore the feelings until she got to college. Here she had to unlearn everything she learned about conventional sexuality in order to pursue her own.

She revealed how it all started to Metro UK, saying;

She said:

“My definition of autosexuality is being attracted to yourself. I’ve been attracted to myself for as long as I’ve been cognizant of attraction.

“My earliest memories of checking myself out in the mirror and feeling attraction happened at around age seven. I didn’t learn the term “autosexual” until after I graduated from college in 2013.

“My attraction to myself made me confused at times, but once I learned about autosexuality, I was glad there was a word for my experience.

“I’ve recognised myself as being in a relationship with myself since I was in college. I just didn’t have the vocabulary to express my experiences.”

She said that prior, she had thought she needed to be in a relationship with someone else for the relationship to be valid.

“Before that, I still had sexual and romantic feelings about myself, but always assumed a relationship had to be with another person in order to be valid. I now realise that my relationship with myself is as valid as any other relationship.”

Woman who is engaged to be married to herself reveals what it

 Ghia gave herself an engagement ring but is yet to finalize the marriage with herself.

“Although I will one day be my own wife, I am enjoying the feeling of being engaged.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been engaged to anyone. I’m glad it’s with myself. I try to be a good lover unto myself.

She says the relationship she has with herself is special, and that she gets butterflies just thinking about herself.

“The relationship I have with myself is special. I sometimes get butterflies in my stomach when I think of myself. I know I can always turn to myself if I’m having a problem. I love myself for my uniqueness, creativity, and beauty.”

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She is by the revelation urging more people, especially autosexuals to explore their relationships with themselves, that the desire is not wrong at all.

“I want other autosexuals to know that it’s okay to be attracted to yourself.

“Other people aren’t attracted to themselves like we are to ourselves, but that doesn’t mean our desires are wrong. Don’t be afraid to explore that attraction towards yourself.”

Autosexuality is the idea of being sexually attracted to yourself, and can also come with being autoromantic, that is experiencing the relationship with yourself as romantic. It can mean being turned on by your own look and nudity, getting butterflies when you think about yourself, being excited to spend time alone, and masturbating to the idea of yourself.

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