The Barreleye: A Rare Fish With Transparent Head And Eyes Inside Its Skull

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Nature has a way of throwing a few oddities at us, and one of the most bizarre discoveries in the sea world is the fish with the transparent head.

Called the Barreleye fish, this deep-sea creature not only has a transparent head, but it also has a dome-shaped skull, a snout-like, toothless mouth and large, barrel-like eyes; that is probably why it is called the barreleye.

Yes, the fish has two eyes, but the eyes are not the black apertures on its face. In fact, those apertures act as nostrils. It’s odd eyes are located inside the head, and he can see with them because the head is basically see-through.

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These 6-inch (15-centimeter) long fish dwell at depths of about 3330 feet (1015 meters), and it is known to cleverly take food from preys.

Because of the positioning of the eyes, this ghost looking fish cannot see sideways, it can only look upward and forward.

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