Woman Dives Underwater In Dress Made Out Of Plastics To Create Awareness For Marine Pollution

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Pollution has always been a serious issue that has remained in the front burner for decades.

A woman has decided to do something creative to raise awareness on this dangerous phenomenon that is threatening to poison sea life if care is not taken.

Karina Oliani decided to dive under water in a dress made out of plastic in order to raise awareness for this phenomenon.

Oliani, who had been a diver since she was 12, has been collecting bits and pieces of ocean debris for some years now, and she got up to 65 pounds of plastics off the ocean floor.

She handed off her haul to a designer in her home city of São Paulo named Arthur Caliman, for him to create something wearable she can use for an underwater dive and shoot.

Oliani got a sees of dresses off the designer which she used to dive for awareness. According to her, taking the photos required extreme focus and athleticism.

Oliani had to hold her breath for minutes at a time all while posing for her underwater photographer, Kadu Pinheiro, and keeping her face “nice and comfortable” while doing so.

Oliani hopes her photo series will raise awareness about the worldwide epidemic of plastics in our oceans.

It should be known that an estimated 70% of plastic used by people ends up in our oceans, leading to pollution that affects birds, marine mammals, fish, and even humans.

ocean plastic dress

Oliani by her photos is making a passionate plea to people to consider rejecting single-use plastics, to advocate for clean waterways and oceans, and to push for accountability of plastic manufacturers.

Karina Oliani is known as the adventure doctor, as she has climbed the Everest twice and is Brazil’s first physician specializing in Wilderness Medicine, a specialty that serves her well as she travels the world as an athlete, explorer, and activist.

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