Brain Dead Woman Delivers Miracle Baby Before Her Life Support Was Switched Off

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A pregnant woman who was brain dead was kept alive long enough for her to deliver her miracle baby.

Catarina Sequeira, 26, a sportswoman was declared brain dead after she had suffered an acute asthma attack while she was 19 weeks pregnant in December.

Catarina was a talented canoeist who had represented her country in the sport, but she had suffered asthma since she was a child.

After the major attack, the expectant mother was kept in a state of induced coma for 56 days.

She was kept alive by ventilator so that her baby can mature enough to be born.

Baby Salvador was finally born on Thursday via Caesarean section, but it was done earlier than expected because of the deteriorating condition of the mother’s health.

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The woman gave birth despite being brain dead since December

Local reports have it that the baby was born healthy and came out weighing 3.75lbs. He is being cared for in a neonatal hospital, and he would be there for at least the next three weeks.

Portuguese newspaper CM Journal spoke with Salvador’s dad, who called the child his “miracle baby”.

“The baby is good. I ask you to respect my silence,” Bruno Sapolo reportedly said.

Portugal’s organ donation law allowed Catarina to carry her pregnancy to term.

The head of the hospital’s ethics committee, Filipe Almeida, told Portugese media the decision to keep Catarina and her baby alive had been made along with the baby’s father and her family.

He equally explained that Catarina had never opted out of Portugal’s presumed consent organ donation.

“Being a donor is not just about being in a position to donate a liver or heart or lung, but also being in a position to give yourself so a child can live. And no-one has the right to interrupt the mother’s decision process,” he told the Observador.

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