Curious About What A Baby Feeding Bottle Used 3,000 Years Ago Looked Like? Take A Look

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It has been a long held belief that our ancient ancestors never fed their babies anything but breast milk, but evidence has started emerging to the contrary.

Scientists have recently unveiled an ancient feeding bottle that was said to have been used by our Bronze Age ancestors more than 3,000 years ago.

The clay container was used to feed an infant fresh milk from cows, goats or sheep – up to 3,200 years ago.

The Bronze Age vessel had a two inch wide bowl with an extremely narrow spout through which the liquid could be poured.

A selection of Late Bronze Age feeding vessels from Vienna, Oberleis, Vösendorf and Franzhausen-Kokoron (from left to right), dated to around 1200– 800 BC.

It was found in a Bronze Age tomb in Bavaria, southern Germany – buried with the cremated remains of the one to two year old child.

A chemical analysis of lipid residues found it contained traces of milk from domesticated animals. The specific species could not be identified.

Two similar vessels discovered in the graves of infants at a nearby Iron Age cemetery dating back 2,800 to 2,450 years also had fatty-acids from ruminants.

A modern day baby trying out the ancient feeding bottle

This discovery goes to show that our ancestors may have fed their babies a mixed diet of human and animal milk, just like we do today.

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