Man Engages His Girlfriend With A Ring Made Out Of His Finger Nails

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Engagements are always very heartwarming events and people usually want them to be memorable. For this reason, they go all out to create memories, whether rich or poor.

People have been known to have gone to all extents to get this done. Not too long ago, a man had engaged his girlfriend with a lock of his hair pending when he could afford a ring.

Today, another star struck lover is engaging his girlfriend with a ring that was made out of his own nails.

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The man saved up his nail clippings for a year to make this ring

The unnamed Japanese man had saved up his nail clipping for a year and had turned it into and engagement ring for his sweetheart.

The man was said to have collected his finger nail clippings for a year and blended them. He then grounded them into a very fine powder.

After grounding his nail clippings to a fine substance, he mixed it with water in a pan.

He then squeezed the substance to remove any leftover liquid; he placed it into a bolt then put it in an oven for 90 minutes.

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He created the ring by himself

The result turned the white powder into a black clay-like substance and the man placed it into a diamond-shaped mold creating a silver ring which he had also made himself.

The finished product was a ring with a dull black stone, which had no resemblance to fingernails, in place.  

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