Whatsapp Suicide Game ‘Momo Challenge’ Tells Boy To Spread Fear Among His Classmates Or He Will Die

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A horrifying Whatsapp suicide game called ‘Momo Challenge’ has told a school boy to spread fear among his classmates unless he would die.  

A 7-year-old boy was said to have told his classmates that a doll-like creature would kill them in their sleep at night.

The three boys involved had started crying profusely and had reported the treat to their teacher.

The mother of the 7-year-old said that her son’s teacher had called her aside when she had gone to pick up her son, telling her that her child were making other children afraid by telling them they would die in the sleep.

The alarmed mother inquired of her son why he said such, and was quite horrified at what her son revealed to her.

Writing in a post to the Love Westhoughton Facebook group, the mum who did not reveal her identity said that her son had been in the Momo Challenge and it had told him to spread fear into his classmates or he would die.

She said: ‘When I collected him from school the teacher asked to talk to me.

‘She said he had made three kids cry by telling them that ‘Momo was going to go into their room at night and kill them’.

People visiting the gallery in Tokyo pose for pictures with the creepy 'Mother Bird' artwork
People snap with the momo figure at the museum

‘When we got home I spoke to him about this and he told me that some kids at school had told him to look at the ‘Momo challenge’ which he did.’

She added: ‘When we watched a video the ‘Momo’ character told him to tell everyone to fear Momo or it will kill him in his sleep. So I have one very frightened little boy and some deep concerns about the kids in his school.

‘Parent controls are as tight as could be and this **** still slips through. So if you have a child it would be well worth it to open up a dialogue about idiots online and try to get ahead of this.’

The Whatsapp game ‘Momo Challenge’ is a weird looking doll-like woman with a dark limp hair, a devilish grin, beak-like mouth and protruding eyes, who entices children through a WhatsApp account and then sends them images and instruction on how to harm themselves and others.

The Momo works by threatening children that if they do not carry out her instructions, that she would lay a curse on them.

Social media users had previously warned others to not accept chat invitations from Momo
Social media users warned not to add the Momo number

Parents have now been advised to be wary of what their children do online, as this game has now spread to Manchester city.

The game was said to have been responsible for the deaths of two teenagers who had committed suicide recently.

12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy in Colombia were said to have been playing the game, and their tragic deaths had happened within the space of just 48 hours in the municipality of Barbosa, in the North West Colombian area of Santander.

Local media reported that the body of the 16-year-old boy was found first and that it is believed he knew the 12-year-old girl.

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He was said to have passed the Momo game to her before his he killed himself.

Within 48 hours, she too was found dead. It is reported she was found by relatives hanged from a wardrobe.

Momo was created by Japanese special effects company Link Factory and it was designed by Midori Hayashi, though nothing has shown that he has any relationship whatsoever to the game.

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The scary design originally featured at Tokyo’s horror art Vanilla Gallery under the name Mother Bird.

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